Accessibility on Social Media

Jon Gibbins – AccessU, 20 May 2020

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Accessibility on Social Media

Jon Gibbins – AccessU, 20 May 2020

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Accessibility on Social Media

Twitter Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Mastodon YouTube Buffer Hootsuite

Image descriptions

Image descriptions

Twitter image descriptions

Twitter Help Centre: How to make images accessible for people

Facebook image descriptions

Facebook Help Centre: How do I edit the alternative text for a photo on Facebook?

Image descriptions: Facebook website

Facebook image post with 'Options' menu open and showing 'Change alt text' item

Image descriptions: Facebook iOS app

Facebook image post showing '…' button

Instagram image descriptions

Instagram Help Centre: How do I edit the alternative text for a photo on Instagram?

Image descriptions: Instagram iOS app

'New post' screen showing 'Advanced settings' button

LinkedIn image descriptions

LinkedIn Help: Adding Alternative Text to Images for Accessibility

LinkedIn auto-generated image descriptions?

LinkedIn may automatically add alt-text to images that don’t have it. When uploading an image from a desktop computer, you’ll be alerted if alt-text is automatically assigned. You won’t be alerted if you’re uploading an image from a mobile device.

Image descriptions: LinkedIn website

'Edit your photo' dialog showing 'Add alt text' button

Mastodon image descriptions

Marco Zehe: A few tips on Mastodon

Image descriptions: Mastodon website

'Edit media' dialog with text field for alternative text and 'Detect text from picture' button

Buffer, Hootsuite, EasyChirp, etc.

Buffer Help Center: Scheduling posts – Twitter image descriptions
Hootsuite Help Center: Adding alt text to images
Easy Chirp now provides accessible images for your Tweets

Image descriptions: Buffer iOS app

New post screen showing 'Add Description' button


Video accessibility

Subtitles, captions and transcripts serve different audiences



Audio description

Live video captions

How to caption

Captioning on YouTube

Captioning on YouTube

After uploading, the 'More options' tab shows closed captions are 'English by YouTube (automatic)'

Captioning on YouTube

Invite viewers to contribute transcriptions or translations - YouTube Help

Transcripts on YouTube

Transcripts on YouTube

YouTube videos with closed captions also have an 'Open transcript' option under the '…' menu

Captions on Facebook
Facebook Help Centre: How do I add or remove captions on my video on Facebook?

Captions on Facebook

'Edit video' dialog showing 'Subtitles and captions' tab

Transcripts on Facebook

Captions on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Help: Adding Closed Captioning to Videos on LinkedIn

Captions on LinkedIn

'Select/Edit your video' dialog showing 'Select Caption' button (SRT only)

Transcripts on LinkedIn

Same as for Facebook…

Captions on Twitter

Twitter Blog: Subtitles now available in iOS and Android

Captions on Mastodon

Marco Zehe: A few tips on Mastodon

Open captions

Tips for open captioning

Meryl Evans: What do you think makes good or bad captions in videos?

Open captioning on iOS

Open captioning on Android

Writing for social media

Writing for social media

Emojis and Unicode

#HashTags and @UserNames

Note: Not all screen readers announce #PascalCase as separate words

Video: hashtag pronunciation by VoiceOver on iOS

Resources – Social media

Resources – Writing



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